Sustainable. Genderless. Ironic.
We adhere to sustainable approach to supply: stock sourced materials give us an ability to provide best quality at the best possible price in limited quantities.
We developed edgy utilitarian cut & oversized fit to make our product completely genderless.
We celebrate diversity and individuality of our customers both emphasized by timeless design of our product.
Label's name "Vatnique" is an ironic twist on traditional Russian quilted jacket called "vatnik" - the most popular outerwear in XX century.
Vatnique is produced in limited quantities and may vary depending on amount of stock textiles. But the quality and price remain unchanged.
During the most of the year we use same type of insulation for +15 / -15°C. Upon request we provide lighter option for temperature range from +20 to 0°C.
We produce Vatnique in three sizes: Size O - for those who is up to 165 cm tall, Size I - which suits clients with height from 165 cm up to 180 cm, and Size II - for clients who is 180 cm tall and more.
Vatnique differs from others with a unified modern design that allows it to be integrated into the structure of any wardrobe: female or male / streetwear or high-end evening.
You can place an order via @vatniquecouture trough Direct messages, email us to or call by phone mentioned below.
Feel free to write and call us.

+7 929 104 33 49

St. Petersburg, Russia